Ashley Bella MLK Center Mural
Ashley Bella Buckhead Mural Zoomed In
Ashley Bella Delta and Wellspring Living Mural
Ashley Bella Mural for City of College Park
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I have a new mural workshop for college students who'd love to learn more about the creative process and business of mural making. Contact me to learn more.

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Corporate Team Activity

The mural in this section was done with a team of volunteers from Delta Airlines. I can now duplicate the therapeutic experience we have with your teams also.

Creative Placemaker

Im on a mission to spread awareness about how I am using public art and cultural arts strategy to influence the redevelopment taking place in the neighborhood I grew up in. My start was opening a brick and mortar in my community once my research back in 2015 discovered that my neighborhoods were headed for gentrification. My next goal was leading initiatives and public art projects in and around Aerotropolis ATL.

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